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Okay, here’s what I did with my free time today: Meet Frank and Fritz (left and right respectively). They are now guarding our front porch atop their thrones of plastic pot (courtesy of our backyard pile ‘o junk, where all discarded potting equipment must eventually end its tawdry life or, apparently, find a happier fate […]

Saving the Day . . . Light, and Other Temporal Anomalies

Don’t you just love that phrase . . . “Temporal Anomaly”? With a nod to Jean Luc, I am also partial to combining the words “tachyon”, and “pulse”. Because if something is going wrong in your life, you can blame it on a localized temporal anomaly, and you can simply deal with it by changing […]

This week, I had a session with a client who has been struggling with a relationship dillema. I’ll give the meta-overview of the situation. I think it’s one most of you will probably relate to at some level or another. A long-standing relationship, with long-standing patterns, that has never really been satisfying (probably to either […]

Well, did you ever . . . .

. . . what a swell party this is! ” Have you heard? It’s in the stars Next July we collide with Mars. Well, did you evah? What a swell party this is!” … Cole PorterAnd so begins my next “discovery blog” post about another form of strange, modern amnesia — what I’ll dub, for […]

I’ve been wrestling with a “personal” puzzle. Even though I’m not that sure anything is really “personal” anymore. A few weeks ago, I received a comment to my blog from someone who I have met face to face. I noticed that I experienced an internal “tearing” on this point — I could respond to them […]

No, they haven’t paved paradise, but I think I simply must wax a bit poetic about my computer. Yes, my computer. My beloved “Emma” — who tragically underwent, at my own hands, an illness of hair-tearing proportions over the weekend. I acknowledge that this was entirely my fault. For Emma remains a truly sturdy member […]

My Commandment Check List

Thursday, October 13th, 2005 is Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. On this particular Holy Day, you review your acts and make atonement for the sins you have committed in the last year. At the end of the day on Yom Kippur, God closes the Book of Life for the next year, thereby sealing the […]

Report of the Mundane

Today, I’m simply going to report on the day. It’s been a gloomy day, weather-wise, in PT. I slept later than I like to, but I enjoyed it. I dreamt of two restaurants, a retarded man with a huge magnifying glass, and that I had curly hair. Very curly hair. Once I was up, the […]

Jeez-Loweez — The Almighty must be scratching It’s Head about now and saying: “Man, where is Moses when you really need him?” I’ve been following various stuff about Hurricane Katrina over the past month (for my views on Katrina read “Practical Optimism” earlier in this blog). The Lord has been getting quite a bit of […]

Something I’ve always wanted. Something I’m practicing now. Carruch says that the thing we call being “In Love” (as opposed to simply “loving”) is produced directly by the process of revelation — when we fall in love, we hasten to tell each other stories, share pictures, and desire nothing more passionately than to “know” the […]

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