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Don’t Worry — Be Happy

I am. I’ll be back tomorrow, with postings. Tonight, I’m finishing a book, soaking in the cool night air, and relaxing. I suggest you do the same.

I honestly thought that I would just write some post about “mental illness” — but when I went back and read my own past posts on the subject (just click the category “Divine Madness” in Categories — to the right, and check out the posts that come up — preferably, in chronological order), I discovered […]

Once again, I am stalling on that “mental illness” post. It’s just taken a lot of twists and turns for me, and I want to take my time. So, I will present another edition of “Friday Poetry Hour”, with a poem that I wrote last year, which was inspired by Gustave Dore’s Illustration of Dante’s […]

I and My Muse Are Very Disobedient

I was determined that I would have a post about a certain subject tonight, but I find my rebellious internal self kicking up with a “No!”, so I am going to be an organic being, and just post a random post, rather than forcing myself to post about a pre-determined subject. Today, I reached an […]

Brief, Late Night Post

Tomorrow, I promise you, I will wax brilliant in my thoughts on “mental illness” — in the meantime, you may want to go back and read this post, and this post, which will give you a bit of background about me, and my experience with crazy-ness and mad-ness. Thanks to Mary for her request in […]

Call and Response

I always loved that part, in church, when the pastor called out the beginning of the Nicene Creed: “I believe in One God” and you knew that you were supposed to join in with “The Father Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth, and of all things visible, and invisible . . . .” That seemed, […]

I read a fascinating article today about “William’s Syndrome“, a genetic developmental “disability” (I prefer the term — different ability) that creates: “some fairly conventional cognitive deficits, like trouble with space and numbers, but also a strange set of traits that researchers call the Williams social phenotype or, less formally, the “Williams personality”: a love […]

Two Weeks Later

Well, I’ve been blogging daily (with only one missed day) for two weeks now. I quite like it. I have no idea how it sits with my readers (if any). I’m going to throw out a hook here and see if anyone bites. Any topics that you’d like to read a post about? I’m definitely […]


(I missed posting yesterday, but I have a fine excuse. It was Fourth of July, my “Saturday”, and I was visiting with my beloved’s parents. Honestly, I stumbled off to bed without even thinking of posting. Mea Culpa. OK — apologies out of the way — I’ll get on with it.) I love synchronicities. You’re […]

I Forget . . . .

I forget to kiss my beloved. I forget to look at the stars. I forget to pet the cat vigorously, so that she arches her shoulders up. How is that possible? I can understand spacing out things on my “TO DO” lists that might seem like drudgery, or might take a long time when I […]

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